A card game with
multiple personalities.


What is WhoZoo?

A card game for creative workshopping.
A deck of cards with almost infinite game play opportunities.

How does it work?

Two decks, one of emotions, one of states. Combine cards from both decks to create interesting characters.

Impatient Undertaker
Selfish Vicar
Irrational Scientist
Angry Farmer
And many more...

Then use the characters and create game play to stimulate creative outputs.

Example Games

Last Night

Each person in the group gets a character, and explains what they got up to last night, in character

Turn that frown around

What would flip the emotional state for this character? How would you make an Sad Accountant happy?

Brand Permission

How can your brand help this character in a meaningful way?


What decisions would this character make to revolutionise your business?

Why does it work?

WhoZoo helps on a number of levels - it can create an ice-breaker for groups; it can remove hierarchy from a room by putting people in character; it can help break people out of their own bubble by putting them in someone else's shoes; it creates the stimulus for the playing and creation of many games based upon two simple attributes.

What's in the Basic Game Pack?

A full set of WhoZoo cards (25 emotions + 25 states) and a game-play guide with 15 starter games, printed on 350 gsm playing cards, just the same as you'd get in a casino, but with less risk of losing all of your money.

Are there any expansion packs?

Yes, we have four expansion packs: technologies, disasters, business challenges, brands.

Each pack comes with its own set of games, and can be combined with the Basic Game Pack.

Can I get trained in WhoZoo game play?

Yes, we can arrange a live game play and training session or even help you design your own games. Send us an email for more details.

Can I create my own pack of cards/games?

Of course - please do. We offer pre-made packs for sale to make things easier though - and the price of the pack is to cover printing and shipping. If you do create your own pack, please let me know, as I'd love to see it in use. We also encourage the creation of your own games. Purchase the Invention expansion pack to be guided through how you can construct your own games and play sessions.

Can I ask you more questions?

Of course - please just email us at [email protected]

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Fennec Fox by Yu luck, KR on The Noun Project
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